Submit a Fall TIPS Audit (click here)

If you are a Fall TIPS Champion at MGH, please submit your audits HERE

As Fall TIPS Champions you are responsible for submitting a total of 5 audits/month

The audit questions are as follows:

  1. Is the patient’s Fall TIPS poster updated and hanging at the bedside?
  2. Can the patient/family verbalize the patient’s fall risk factors?
  3. Can the patient/family verbalize the patient’s personalized fall prevention plan?
  4. If you answered “No” to any question, did you provide peer-to-peer feedback?

Remember to choose patients that are alert and oriented and have been in the hospital for at least 1 day. It also helps if a family member is present and can speak on behalf of patients who are not alert/oriented.

Submit Fall-Related Metrics (click here)

Fall TIPS Collaborative Members are asked to submit the following fall-related metrics once a month

  • total number of falls
  • total number of falls with injury
  • total number of patient days