Fall TIPS Efficiency Scale
The 13-item FTES was developed to evaluate nurses’ perceptions of how the use of Fall TIPS effects their workflow efficiency. We recommend using this tool pre and post Fall TIPS implementation.

Fall TIPS Champion Training Slides (1-hour)
A presentation with information on the evidence behind Fall TIPS and how to conduct a fall risk assessment using the Morse Fall Scale. The presentation includes both didactic and breakout activities designed to educate champions on how to complete the 3-step fall prevention process using Fall TIPS and successful implementation strategies. Breakout sessions include a fall prevention case study, a Fall TIPS implementation gap analysis, and a peer coaching and feedback activity.
See “Implement Fall TIPS” section for additional resources.

Evaluation of a Patient-Centered Fall-Prevention Tool Kit to Reduce Falls and Injuries Slides (1-hour)
A presentation on the importance of fall prevention in the field of patient safety, findings from the AHRQ-funded Patient Centered Learning Lab patient-centered fall prevention study, and significance of this work. By engaging patients and family in the fall prevention process, the Fall TIPS Toolkit was associated with a 15% reduction in falls and a 34% reduction in fall-related injuries in the hospital setting.

Fall Prevention Knowledge Test
Our team has developed and validated an 11-item Fall Prevention Knowledge Test. We encourage you to use to tool (below) to evaluate your staff’s knowledge before and after using our training resources.

  1. Fall Prev Knowledge Test_Pre_11-item
  2. Fall Prev Knowledge Test Answer Key
  3. Instructions for Analyzing Data for Fall Prev Knowledge Test

To learn more about the methods our team used to develop this test, read our paper in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (accessible on our Publications page).

Fall TIPS Instruction Sheet for Nurses
A one-page guide that includes instructions on how to use Fall TIPS and lists answers to FAQs

Fall TIPS Instruction Sheet for Nursing Assistants
A one-page guide that explains how nursing assistants can support nurses using Fall TIPS and list answers to FAQs.

Fall TIPS Information Sheet for Patients
A one-page guide that explains to patients the importance of fall prevention in the hospital and prompts them to ask their care team about Fall TIPS.

Fall TIPS Quality Audit and Audit Instructions
A guide on how to conduct the Fall TIPS Quality Audit.

Fall TIPS Audit Reliability Guide
A guide to ensure that all auditors complete the audits consistently.

Peer Feedback Exercises
Three exercises to help Fall TIPS Champions practice providing peer feedback. Directions:Form groups of 2 people – 1 person will play the role of the champion and 1 person will be the nurse receiving feedback. Spend 5 minutes acting out the scenario. Have both the champion and the nurse receiving feedback reflect on the process.

Additional Resources

Readiness for Implementation Checklist
A checklist to help hospitals learn if they are ready to implement Fall TIPS and identify deficiencies that may need to be addressed.

Process Evaluation Form
A form to help hospitals rate implementation progress and to identify processes that are working well or need adjustment.

Classification of Adoption Success Rating System
A form that will allow hospitals to identify successes and potential issues that should be remedied after the initial implementation period.
Rationale for Using the Morse Fall Scale
This 1-page document summarizes the rationale for using the Morse Fall Scale as the basis for the Fall TIPS Tool.
Morse Fall Scale Risks and Evidence-Based Interventions
This table summarizes the interventions you should be considering with Morse Fall Scale area of risk. It does not include the scoring because with Fall TIPS, even the patients at low risk for falls are going to get an interventions(s) to mitigate each areas of risk that is positive.

The Fall TIPS Tool (Laminated Poster)

  1. Fall TIPS Laminated Poster
  2. Fall TIPS Laminated Poster (Spanish)
  3. Fall TIPS Laminated Poster (Arabic)
  4. Fall TIPS Laminated Poster (Chinese-Simp)
  5. Fall TIPS Laminated Poster (Traditional Chinese)
  6. Fall TIPS Laminated Poster (French)
  7. Fall TIPS Laminated Poster (German)
  8. Fall TIPS Laminated Poster (Haitian Creole)
  9. Fall TIPS Laminated Poster (Finnish)
  10. Fall TIPS Laminated Poster (Russian)
  11. Fall TIPS Laminated Poster (Tagalog)
  12. Fall TIPS Laminated Poster (Vietnamese)
  13. Fall TIPS Laminated Poster (Portuguese)
  14. Fall TIPS Laminated Poster (Farsi)
  15. Fall TIPS Laminated Poster (Punjabi – Gurmuckhi)
  16. Fall TIPS Laminated Poster (Punjabi)
  17. Fall TIPS Laminated Poster (Tamil)
  18. Fall TIPS Laminated Poster (Polish)
  19. Fall TIPS Instructions
  20. Fall TIPS Common Misconceptions_AssessmentPlanning

Given that the Fall TIPS tool is our property, we ask that you do not alter the tool without written permission from us